Frequently asked questions

Who is Cozyhomedesign?

We are an online home design team who is an amazing and reliable design resource for current and future home owners, to enhance their living spaces in both the exterior and interior. In Cozyhomedesign, our work focuses on creating, visualizing, and validating design ideas for your current and future houses.

How does Visual Design work?

The process is simple and easy! You take photos of your home (exterior or interior) and upload them with your design ideas on our platform. We will create virtual renderings showing your house with your new design, so that you can make better decisions before executing and spending time/money on the actual construction/ material/ furniture. We also give you professional comments and advice about your design ideas for your reference.

Do not worry if you do not have any idea yet. Our designers will work with you in the design process and create a virtual design on photos of your house based on the information and requirement you provided.

See some samples of Visual Design here.

What kind of comments/ advice does Cozyhomedesign provide?

With your photos and your designs, our experienced designers can understand your house and your design intent. Based on that we will provide a brief report which can include

- advice which can enhance your designs

- notices about challenges you will meet with those designs

- comments about building science insight for the materials you pick (for exterior).

**We generally don't give advice on structural unless we find something is obviously problematic in your design. We also don't give advice for electrical and plumbing issues within your designs. Please consult with industry professionals on these matters.

How many photos should I provide?

We only require one good photo for each project.

We do recommend that you upload other photos of your home to provide more information on the context of your design when applicable. Your description is also very important. The more we understand about your home and its context, the better advice we can provide.

What is a good photo?

A straight photo taken with your cell phone should be sufficient for our work. Please ensure the quality/resolution of your photo is high enough so that when you zoom in, you can see the details clearly. We will contact you if we require a higher quality photo/s.

We don't recommend using the wide angle photos as they can trick your eyes and give an inaccurate feeling of the space. The same applies to fish-eye photos.

What is the final rendering used for?

The point of rendering your home is to visualize and validate your ideas (that is also the powerful method used by every architectural and interior studio).

Most of our clients use the renderings as a resource to make important and critical decisions in their renovation or home design. Based on the renderings, they can decide if the designs (new material, new furniture, new layout,, etc...) meet their needs and style. Some clients also order several design options for their space, so they can pick the best one. They can also modify the design based on rendering. Please note that you can always update your design using our platform, for a low additional fee.

Many clients have shared with us that the renderings were very helpful for them to communicate clearly with contractors, limiting potential 'big, bad surprises' which can happen during a renovation project or new build .

I am a realtor, should I use your services for virtual staging?

Our honest answer is No. We are not a virtual stage company. Actually, we are a design company which is developing into a virtual design company. Thus our work focuses more about the actual designs, and helps customers to renovate their house for life instead of showing beautiful images. However, as a realtor, you can use our services as a tool to add value for your customers. You can help homebuyer customers to see the potential of the houses and increase the chances of selling them.

I am not a homeowner yet, should I use Cozyhomedesign services?

Yes! Our services are helpful for new home buyers. When you have found a home that you can see potential in but you are not sure if you can really transform it into your own home, we can help you to see if you can bring your vision to life.

I am building  a brand new house, should I use Cozyhomedesign services?

Yes, many of our projects are new home developments. When purchasing a home from a developer, we can work with designers’ drawings and renderings. It’s rare that builders will provide renderings for all of the options you choose for your new home, that's where we come in to help you visualize your completed home.

How long does an order take?

The time required for a full rendering of your home will depend on the complexity of your design and the number of changes that may be requested. On average, it takes 1-3 days for simple changes, however for more complex designs, it may take up to 3-5 days. We do our best to complete the renderings as quickly as possible. You can learn how long does it usually take to finish typical projects through these samples

How can I find the furniture or material which I want to try on my house?

For Furniture: We will provide an online collection of 3d model source which have more than 500,000 furniture model from almost every famous brands. If you can find 3d model from other sources, we can give a shot. If you build 3d models by yourself, we are happy to try them. If you have an unique furniture which cannot be find in any sources, we can provide 3d modeling services. For Materials: We can create materials from the info (manufacturer website, sample photos, etc.) you provide.

How much does it cost?

Fees are based on the complexity of design and number of changes made, we will offer an estimate up front. Payment for service is required upon completion of the project. You can learn how much does it usually cost for typical projects through these samples

Should I test paint colors and checking material samples?

We highly recommend testing colors and checking material samples in your house at different times of day. Your environment and the surfaces for painting have a huge impact on how the painting and materials look. Besides, every computer screen shows color a bit differently.

How Cozyhomedesign helps me?

Our team provides every tool you need to ensure you will get the satisfied results for your renovation before the construction starts. Focusing on design ideas, we can serve any scale of reno projects. Chat with us to find out the tools you need for your project. Below are some of common ways, we can help you: Floorplan Editing: We discuss with you on the home layout (floorplan) to find the best renovation direction for your requirements. Visual Design: We overlap the new design on photos of your house, so you can foresee the result of the renovations in the actual context. Full 3D Services: For major renovations, we build a full 3D model of your “finished” house. We will create a virtual environment, so you can walk inside/outside your house and experience the space like playing a game. Online Home Design Consultant: If you do not know where to start, discuss with our designers and let them provide professional design for your house.